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"Kumlien's" Gull, Larus glaucoides kumlieni

Second Calendar Year, February 2004

Frederick County Landfill, Maryland, USA

The bill pattern is very similar to this bird of the same age - black tip, very dark grey with a pale area on the lower mandible at the base.

This bird had a fairly well-defined head pattern, though it was more lightly marked on the head than this bird which was at the landfill the same day. 

Interestingly, the tertials on the bird shown on this page were lighter on the left-hand side than on the right-hand side (see below).  Is this common?


The tail feathers had broad white fringes, with on the central feathers the dark narrowing towards the tip.  This made the tail look much paler closed than when spread.


Here are two views of the spread wings.